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Globe was born out of Hardcore.

Established in Australia in 1994, Globe was an offshoot of Hardcore Enterprises. The Skateboard company was founded by Australia’s Hill brothers. Initially a footwear company making functional footwear for skaters and surfers. The brand soon offered clothing and skateboards for the surf, skate and street cultures. Fast forward to today and the same crew of skaters, surfers and snowboarders that started the business back in the 80s has grown to a global network of designers and riders that are united by fate through board sports, street fashion, media, design and film.

Starter Black Label

The Fall/Holiday line sees Starter elevate their reputation for Premium yet again through a celebration of the heritage brand’s iconic identity, comprising a stripped down collection which gives prime focus to the much loved Star emblem and Starter word mark, which proved so popular for the brand in the 1980s and 90s. Starter’s classic snapback shape is the canvas for innovative logo applications & fabrications and a selection of new shapes such as the Natural & the Polo cap, which hark back to the original cap styles of the brand’s heyday. Headwear pieces feature the signature wool, genuine suedes & leathers, as well as Starter collabs with fabric houses, British Millerain and Cordura. The apparel for FH15 continues Starter’s reputation for high quality sportswear with the focus being on a clean aesthetic with incredible attention to detail, using original silhouettes and only the highest quality fabrics and trims.


Matix was founded by pro skateboarders Daewon Song and Tim Gavin, tired of clothes disintegrating upon contact with concrete. Since 1998, all Matix garments are designed and constructed for durability. Never ones to be closed-minded, Matix has also naturally embraced the likes of surf and snow talent as family members equally dedicated to the cause of progress. With this in mind, team members like Marc Johnson, Daewon Song and Andreas Wiig all actively inspire the Matix styling. Besides the Men clothing line there are Matix Girls textiles available as Matix headphones and accessories as well.


Inspired by musicians, designed by artists and seen by millions of fans, Macbeth reflects a lifestyle of self-expression. With rock music as its muse, Macbeth originated as a footwear line and continues to expand to include apparel, accessories and lifestyle products. Macbeth Footwear was co-founded by in 2002 by platinum-selling musician Tom DeLonge and longtime friend Jon Humphrey.

Independent Truck Company

Independent Truck Company is a skateboard truck manufacturer based in Santa Cruz, California, United States (US). Established in 1978, the company is owned by NHS, Inc. and sponsors an extensive list of team riders. The trucks are manufactured in the city of San Francisco, US, by Ermico Enterprises, Inc., the only dedicated skateboard truck foundry in the US.
Besides the wide range of trucks Independent offers a full apparel and accessories line.


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